Who We Are

The Facebook for your Brand!

If Social media redefines the way how people maintains virtual social life today then SocialMedia69 as a social media marketing agency, redefines the way brands behave in the internet social media space tomorrow.

To state it clean and keep it simple, SocialMedia69 is a body of a few crazy computer crack pots who creates web 2.0 applications and websites, participates and engages customers on social media platforms, developer web and mobile applications, just for a single cause – Your brand!

The World Wide Web is a great leveller. Rahul Gandhi, Shakira, Pawan kumar, Nicky, your next door class 5th student, everybody is same in the internet. They all have Facebook or Twitter accounts. Same is true with all brands. Website of crazy bubble has more hits than the official website of the Commonwealth Games. It is this dynamics of freedom which is what research to create a white paper social media marketing strategy for your brand that can make you a celebrity or unmake many others.