Web Design And Development

Web Design and Development


We rely on a simple brand of brand-o-nomics to filter our creative juices. Our theory is a smart combination of crisp ideas, catch-all taglines, edgy, humorous, radical, futuristic, lyrical, narrative-oriented and stimulating copy. The tone and flavour changes as per the target audience, genius in blending the exciting copy with the right market knowledge and finally packaging it with a lot of insight which stems from our web design and application development experience.

SocialMedia69, being a leading website design and application development company based out of New Delhi, India, we have transformed our years of design and development expertise into a holistic tradition with a successful track record of providing customised and effective solutions to our diverse clients. Like the mackerels in the deep blue seas of the Atlantic, we are flexible in our creative packages and application development technologies (PHP, ASP.Net, Open Source applications) and we mould them according to the creative challenges lying in front of us.

We have evolved in the sphere of internet buzz creation on creative platforms like blogs, forums, opinion polls, reviews, web site interactivity, online magazine, newspaper and television media buying.

Our creative force stems from our functioning as a well-knit unit specialising in multiple arenas of brand marketing.